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"WARNING - Before You Do Anything Illegal To Make Money and Run the Risk of Any Harm or Possible Jail Time...You Need To Read How One Conversation with a 15 year Old Kid... Has Helped lots of People Make More Money Than They Ever Imagined...And How You Can Take The Same Benefits of that Conversation to Change Your Life Today..."

PLEASE READ FIRST: The Legal Hustlers Club is NOT MLM or Network Marketing. The Club Is Simply a Place Where You'll Learn How ALLEN BROWN Has Made a 6 Figure INCOME on the Internet and over a Million Dollars in his career. You Are About to Learn Everything He Has Done to Make His Money and How You Can Also Be Trained By Allen Brown and make money with him as well. You are about to Learn How YOU Can Take His Proven Techniques and Secrets to Do The Same in Your LIFE!!

From: Allen Brown


Dear Friend,

About 12 years ago I realized what my calling in life was and my knack for business.

I really excelled in business at a young age...No college and I just made it out of High School with diploma, I hated school.

I had always wanted to be successful doing my own thing. Truth is, God has blessed me to never have to work for anyone since the age of 15 and I am 33 years old now.

One day my younger cousin who was 15 at the time came to me and said, "yo man, its hard out here and I need to make money fast. If I can’t get a job or something going, I am going to start selling drugs"

I said to him “you don't have to sell drugs. Hustling illegal is going to get you hurt or locked in jail". I pleaded with him that there was a better way.

At the time I owned a barber shop and another company and I begged him to do what I was doing legit.

After that day, I prayed to God to give me something I could show my cousin and others struggling just like him with the same problems, ways to make money with out having to jeopardize their life or their freedom.

After that prayer, came my first legal hustling CD in 2001 which I now give away for FREE.

I told God if you allow it to be successful I will dedicate my life showing everybody in the hood and those less fortunate how to do what I did.... Its like after this prayer I was on a mission.

Everything that I put my hands to made money, I was showing people how to make money with less than $100 dollars. I even had people listen to me and make more money than I did.

Here's the sad part though..

... It's hard as hell to get people from where I come from, black or white, middle class or broke to get the information or even listen to how they could improve their lives. I get real discouraged knowing that I have a calling on my life to help people financially and people ignore what could save them from alot of their financial problems.

What ever you do, don't be one of those people.

As you read every word of this letter, you'll discover exactly what you can do to change your current situation..

Let Me ask you a few Serious Questions...

Do you have a mentor or a life coach? Do you have someone in your corner that can help you turn your gifts, talents and abilities into an Income stream? Maybe you have a talent and you are making money with it, but need someone to show you ways to capitalize more on the gifts and talents that God has given to YOU.

If this is you, then you need to read this entire letter.

Here's the Reason WHY...

The last thing you would want to do is grow old and feel like your life was wasted because You didn't make the decision to do what you should have done with your Gifts and Talents years ago.

I'm going to get straight to the point because I don't want to waste your time...

You've come to my site for ONE or ALL of the following reasons:

You are tired of being Broke and with NO MONEY
You hate working for someone and you would rather take control of your own destiny.
You want to learn how to raise money for your own business or Idea.
You need help with making money and you seriously need a mentor.
You need help setting up an additional income on the Internet.
You feel there is way more to life then where you are now.

If you can identify with any of the statements above, then I highly recommend that you keep reading as this site will change the way you see what you can do for yourself --- I GUARANTEE YOU!

Most People That Want To Get Started In Their Own Hustle
Usually Face Three Major Problems

Problem #1 - No MONEY to Start

This is a major problem for you if you think it will take YOUR Money to make you successful. That's 100% false. When you know better, you can always find the money you need to do anything you want. However, so many struggle because they don't have the information to show them how to build large income with little or NO MONEY.

Problem #2 - Can't Find a Mentor

We all need guidance and some one to show us the way. However, some people reject the idea and suffer for their decision not to have a mentor or simply can't find a good mentor. This always brings costly mistakes that could have been avoided. You don't have to make as many painful mistakes when you have a mentor to show you the way.

Problem #3 - The Biggest of All - Not Believing in your own Success.

It's true! Lots of people want to be successful but don't believe it is possible. This is a major problem especially when you don't know you think this way. If you watch people achieve their DREAMS and you just sit around and don't take any action, this is YOU.

Success is all around you, but some how you can't see it for yourself. You may want it, but you fail to act on it. This is a major problem and you will possibly GROW OLD and resent the fact that you could of did at least the smallest things to make your life better or reach the success level you really wanted to reach.

What You Really Want in Life...

How many times have you ever wished you could wake up and have the Lifestyle YOU really wanted. No More Problems, No more Financial issues, just time freedom to work on what you really wanted to do in life... If you can relate to this, then keep reading.

I'm about to let you in on something that the average person has no clue about.

Just before I show you the details of my mentor program, here's a few things about myself:

I always knew how to make money for myself.

At the young age of 12, I cut grass, delivered newspapers, shoveled snow, and carried groceries to make money. I even use to Hustle Hip Hop celebrity Autographs in Junior High School and sold them to the girls in my class, which is a story I will share with you another day...

When I turned 13 years old I brought a pair of hair clippers and started cutting the kids hair in my neighborhood.

It was only a year after buying clippers that I was cutting hair in a Jamaica Queens Barbershop in NYC.

Making $6,000 a month... at 18 years old...

From cutting hair at that shop, I manage to build a massive clientele. I was able to step off from there and open up my own Barber Shop in Queens NY.

It was only 2-3 months in business before I was completely on my feet and successful on my own. Hard work and dedication had paid off. Even to the point that a few years later, I had opened a second barber shop.

"My first Millionaire Mentor Showed me The Secret...
...And Here it is for YOU"

One day I sat down with my landlord David. It was the beginning of many talks. At the age of 19, David was the first millionaire that I had ever met. He is a wise Korean man.

The talks I had with David were life changing. He was the first person that schooled me on what it took to become a millionaire.

Even though I was in business for myself, it was all being made from what I had to do physically. On the other hand, all David did was collect rent and maintain the building. Which is honestly one of the best ways to become a millionaire.

The building that I rented from him had 13 stores. They all paid him rent while he had the asset that made him money. His physical labor was minimal and he wasn't obligated to be at the stores like his tenants. That is called leverage and I learned it first from David.

Just Imagine... Millions of dollars without working hard to get it. All because of how you use leverage.

I will teach you how to add leverage to your life shortly.

This man was the first person who schooled me on how to make millions without working so hard to get it.

Already with my hustle mentality, I began to change everything that I was doing. Which even meant selling my Barber Shop a few years later. Reason why, the Barber Shop business didn't provide Leverage.

Those would be my last days of standing up all day long cutting hair, even when my shops would make over $10,000.00 a month. It wasn't easy to give that up, but I had to because I started to learn more about the Secret only millionaires used, LEVERAGE.

I Was Broke and Out Of Money...
Until I Learned How to Create Wealth With Little MONEY

It wasn't easy at first and I suffered some set backs, like running out of money and going broke a few times. But in those times I learn what it takes to build wealth from nothing.

It's exactly what you are about to learn Now...

David introduced me into the world of LEVERAGE, and since then I could never go back to building a business without leverage again.

What's good now is I am a master at coming up with ideas that create wealth from NOTHING. With the right information which you will get today, you will began to be exposed to a whole new world of Success and Prosperity. The key thing you will discover is How to create wealth from nothing...

Using the same Secret Methods I will teach you,
a business that generates Millions was created with only $8

Allen Brown and Rockwilder

Me on the left , Rockwilder on the Right

Rockwilder is a successful Hip Hop Producer who has Made millions of dollars and is connected to 60 million plus record sales producing music for artist such as Jay-Z, 50 cent, Janet Jackson, Eminem, Lil kim, just to name a few.

Just a Few of Rockwilder Songs out of many Hits

Lady Marmalade (Grammy Award)
Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder
 Jay-Z - Do It Again
Destiny's Child f. Missy Elliott- Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)
Christina Aguilera - Dirty
50 cent like my style

I used one of the Secrets Methods to meet Rockwilder. The end result was starting a few unique services on-line that have never been done before. With the principles that I teach and the ideas that I'm able to come up with came the birth of a few successful Internet websites., and soon to come

These businesses started with less than $100 and together have been successful in using the same techniques and methods that I will teach you.

I was able to take his natural gifts and abilities along with his fame which was extra to generate wealth from NO WHERE. The end result is Success.

Now you may not be Rockwilder but there is something that is in you that will allow you to Prosper the same way.


Over 70,000 registered users on these websites in just over a few year

You Don't Have To Struggle for Years Like I did...

Here's Why...

"I've Spent Long Hours, Thousand of Dollars and The last
4 Years of My Life Putting Together The Most Comprehensive Easy to Follow Series on How to Hustle and Make Big Money"

So NOW let Me Show YOU Everything That You Will Receive
Inside Of The Legal Hustlers Club

3 Hour Legal Hustlers Audio Series
will step your game up to the Next Level!!

Free Listen of 1 track!!

35 Powerful mp3's that will show YOU
Ways to Hustle and Make Money

3 Reasons Why the 3 Hour Legal Hustling Audio's
Will take you to the NEXT LEVEL!

First - It's clear understanding on what you need to do to get started Right Away!!

Second - I speak to you over music that will keep you interested and entertained while developing your mind to think like a Millionaire. Very Easy to listen to.

Three - They have over fifteen years of my personal experience that has made me wealthy. Key point here, there is a lot to be learned to get you a head of the game from my experience alone.



Hustling 101

Hustling - The Key to Success is the first volume I released. The CD Series consist of multiple volumes that give instructional information on Building Wealth...


  • How to raise thousands or millions that never have to be repaid and use the money for any business you choose.
  • The Key Success Principles for Wealth Building that work for every millionaire and will work for you!
  • How to Start Building Your Wealth with Little or No Money.
  • Strategies to Cut Your Taxes and even pay close to zero taxes.
  • Profit and Cash Flow Production that will increase your monthly cash flow.
  • The benefits of having your own Corporation and how you protect all of your assets and personal money from lawsuits.
  • Raising Money for your Corporation and the techniques you can use to raise money in the public
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips

" ...your thoughts and ideas make a lot of sense"

What's up .......... I listened to your CD and I think it was hot and your thoughts and ideas make a lot of sense .......................... E-mail Letter CA




On this Audio Legal Hustling, it shares my experience hustling and will shows the YOU how to build a fortune Hustling Legal. 


  • How to Build Multiple Incomes Streams Part Time or Full Time in very little time.
  • The Character YOU Need to Have to Build Your Wealth Empire.
  • 5 Different Legal Hustles to Build Your Wealth With Little or No Investment.
  • Advanced Strategies for Wealth Planning and Goal Setting that Make Reaching Your Goals Easier.
  • Why Professionalism is Essential and when to use it for best results.
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips
    57 Minute CD Recording

"...i've found it to be packed with in-depth & easy to follow guidelines for seriously getting paid"

I've recently been fortunate enough to get my hands on the 3cds and having had no background in business whatsoever i've found it to be packed with in-depth & easy to follow guidelines for seriously getting paid.....BIGMAMANOISE Music Producer




On this Audio, Finance 101 for Hustling, I give the listener key information on how to get money, keep money, and grow money FAST and Quickly to build a Fortune starting with Little or NO MONEY!.


  • The Secret That Self-made Millionaires use to Build Wealth and how you can use this powerful method to change your results in life 10 times more.
  • The 5 Step Formula for Building Wealth and how you can use each step right away to get money!
  • How to Find and Use Mentors to Build Your Fortune and take advantage of their Time and MONEY to build your wealth faster.
  • How To Raise Thousands or Millions That Never Have to be Repaid and do it 100% Legally.
  • Where to find extra money to Finance your Fortune (Buried Treasure). Outline Steps that will put extra MONEY in your Pocket TODAY!
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips that are note easy to find but easy for you to use.

"This is something everyone needs to see and hear..."

I would like to offer congratulations to True Executives on releasing Volume 1, Hustling - the key to success. Congratulations. This is something everyone needs to see and hear. So keep it up and keep the great things coming. Letter From Alabama


Forget the business course and years of training, the Legal Hustling Series, is all you will ever need. Guaranteed!!!!

You Can Get Your Copies Right Now - Click Here


2x Grammy Award Winner Fatman Scoop

on the Legal Hustling Series

2x Grammy winner FATMAN SCOOP SAYS

Its An Incredible Resource!

Finally there is someone showing there is a LEGAL way to accrue WEALTH other than from illegal moves! Being that it has good beats it makes it something that you can listen to and understand easily.

I make my son listen to it once a week. It gets you into the thought processes of how millionaires think. ........Fatman Scoop

FatmanScoop/Big Colorado ~ aka Global Express
Hot 97 NYC
Weekdays 10-3pm
Tune In Or MissSomethin!!!!!!!


" I think your CD's are a treasure.The way you put it is so practical, that anyone could get the message..."

I seen your heart in this project. When listening to your CD's I understand what you was saying. The way you put it is so practical, that anyone could get the message. People that would normally not be receptive to success principles could get them from the Legal Hustling Series. Keep doing what you are doing your efforts will prevail. Letter Damian Pearce ... NY


Do You Want A Business Or A Job?
Do You Want to work for Money or Money Work for YOU?

I will teach you inside of The Legal Hustlers Club exactly how I get stuff done..

I dont work Hard at All, I get a Lot of People to do the work for me.

  • You don't need any skills - Once I teach you Leverage, Other peoples Skill will Make you Money
  • It doesn't matter if your brand new or a seasoned vet - Once you Start to use Leverage, your Goals are reach 10x FASTER!
  • You can use outsourcing to build your business - All Leveraged Effort, not your own effort and time.
  • You can do it for pennies on the dollar - The Ultimate Levarge Principle which you will learn what not to do to lose any of your Money!

Outsourcing can Make you Rich! You will learn how to benefit greatly with other peoples skills and know how... techniques that will make your business dramatically easier to build.

Most people don't teach exactly how to do this correctly, because they don't know how to do it. I go into detail of how to do it, and EXACTLY THE STEPS which you have to take in order to duplicate my results.

"As far as your CD jewels and for your website, very informative. I definitely fill blessed to know you..."

I just want to thank you for your professionalism shown with the order by sending me that personal letter. As far as your CD jewels and for your website, very informative. I definitely fill blessed to know you. I know that your services will become very helpful to all of us Young Entrepreneurs, and anyone else trying to come up. I feel that True Executives and yourself will be a very important part of my success, and I just want to thank you in advance. Letter From Willie Murray NY

You can Create wealth from Nothing...

Creating Wealth from nothing is what I do and have been doing for over 10 years. People call me the millionaire consultant in my industry because of the Millionaire formulas that I teach. I consult with millionaires and have even helped some become millionaires with the techniques I've given.

With the advancements in our society over the last several years it is becoming easier and easier to become Wealthy!!

As long as there are millions and millions of people on earth spending money, then there are millions and millions of dollars to be made.

This is what David stressed to me at 19. Since then it's more apparently clear on what is needed to impact millions of people and make millions doing it.

Everyone has it in them to Make Lots of Money. The challenge is most people don't know how to take their God given Gifts, Talents, and Abilities and turn them into millions. This is what makes the Legal hustlers Club UNIQUE. It focuses on tapping into what you are called to do and give you the system to get it done.


"Your approach to the topic spoke directly to me
and I see a lot of value in not only what your saying
but also how you are saying it"

I just had the opportunity to listen to your CD on Hustling. I was extremely impressed and motivated. So motivated, I went straight to your website. It was impressive as well. I have always been interested in "Hustling", starting my own businesses or working with a start-up----------- Your approach to the topic spoke directly to me and I see a lot of value in not only what your saying but also how you are saying it. I am personally interested in hearing and reading more of what you and your company have to say. I would also like to help you spread this information to greater audiences. Audiences that may not otherwise get to hear this info in a way that sparks an interest in them. I am originally from Queens, NY. I now live in Greenville, SC, but I do visit NY regularly. ----------------------------------- I 'm starving for that sort of thing down here and I can't be alone. ------------------------ That is why your CD all but jumped in my hand. E-mail Letter S.C.


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I am ready right now to show YOU everything that has made me successful and others successful...


Here's A Small Sample of What's Included
With The Legal Hustlers Club Video's You Will Watch!

Over 50 Videos that will show YOU Step-by-Step Instructions and more added every month...

Watch Step-by- Step Video on how to build a $100,000 a year business on the Internet...
Watch how a Joint Venture Deal Worth Millions was started with only $8 and how you can do the same...
Learn how to build a list of 50,000+ prospects and customers for any business or legal hustle you have...
Learn the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques and Secrets that will get your website on the top searches in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc...
Learn How to properly sell your Products and Services online and how to set up your sales page to sale your products...
Learn the Top Secrets of Affiliate marketing and Watch Video on how to set up your Affiliate Business...
Learn How to get Products Created for little Money and have the full rights of ownership to do what you want or sell them for as much as you want and KEEP 100% of the PROFIT!!!
Learn How to Find Ghostwriters to write you a 50 page ebook for as little as $100...
Learn the Tools and Software needed to make building wealth online Fast and Easy...


many more Video's Inside the Club...


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How To Raise up To $5,000,000 a Year With the
Legal Hustlers Going Public Kit

This Kit is design to aid you if you are looking to start you own business and raise money from the public legally. Money is always an issue for businesses. Learn how you could start a business with no money and get the money you need. The Good part is the money you receive never has to be repaid. Use the kit for Small Businesses - Auto Shops, Barber Shop, Beauty Salons, Car Services, Restaurants, Travel, etc. Big Businesses - Communication, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial, Internet, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Software, Technology, etc

The kit includes * What To Do First (10 Steps) 
*How To Take Company Public (11 page Booklet, Easy Reading)  *Sample Gov. Regulation and Forms (Free Booklet)   * Sample Prospectus   *Terms and Definitions used in Stock Offerings   *What fees to charge clients you take Public (Earn income providing this service for someone else)   *Sample Stock Subscription Agreement *Sample Pre- Incorporation stock subscription (Pre - incorporation Agreement will allow you to start with NO MONEY) All buyers of Kit receive Free walk through Consultation. The kit is a must for anyone who wants to Legally raise money. From $1 - $5,000,000.00 A Year. 

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  • You Will learn proven methods on How to get Money to Start any business you want.
  • You Get FREE marketing tools to get your HUSTLE ON Right away, Right NOW!
  • and much more...


"Thank you for your kindness and not being selfish
on these ideas given out to us..."

Hi Allen Brown,
Thank you for your kindness and not being selfish on these ideas given out to us. I wish you long life and prosperities, may God bless you too. I had brought a CD a week ago and my brother wanted it so I had given it to him and I need another one. I'm going to buy me the Kit next week. --------I'm born and raised in West Africa - Ghana: I'm a hustler --------. Letter Bronx N.Y.

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All of my friends in business ask me this all the time, "Why are you giving these methods away for so little." They say the information that I have is worth way more than what I give it for. This is true and I do agree, but I have to take into consideration as to what my main goals are.

There are several Millionaire Consultants that offer information that can make you rich. However they Charge a fortune before you can make a fortune.

My First Goal - I prefer to give people an opportunity to get started with out the stress of spending thousands of dollars to get started. So many people offer stuff and put a hefty price tag like $1000.00. Only for you to get it and learn that you could of did with out most of what they OFFERED or you really couldn't benefit that much after spending so much money. Me on the other hand would prefer YOU to get my information and be happy that you didn't have to go into debt to get it.

I'm trying to make you have a happy life not a depressed one. Please note, its only $19.95 for monthly membership in the Legal Hustlers Club.

I know one thing said on my Hustling audio or in my training Video's could make you rich forever or one thing said could give you a Million Dollar Idea. There is NO Limitation on you to get it Today and it's a better lifetime investment from the things YOU would usually buy.

Average Price
2 o 3 Music CD's
No Return
Pair of Sneakers
No Return
Date Movie/Dinner
No Return
Name Brand Clothing
No Return
Monthy Cell Phone
No Return
You Try It All Today For
Lifetime Return on Investment

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Some people have a multi-million dollar business in them and have no clue because of what they haven't been exposed to. They haven't taken the time to INVEST in them self by finding out what it is they should do to change their life.

Allow my Audio's and the Legal Hustling Club training to get those Millions out of you.

Don't put any LIMITAITIONS on yourself, I didn't and I am successful for that one fact alone (NO LIMITS!!!).

That's why I make it so easy for you to get started. $19.95 doesn't stop anyone. So anyone who decides they are tired of being an ordinary person could invest with no real LIMITAITION.

Specifically, here's what I PROMISE will happen when you put into practice the Powerful Principles…
  • For one, YOU will open your mind to all of the possibilities around you that can Make you Lots of Money
  • You will Discover that you have the potential to become a millionaire.
  • You will now have a proven system that you can apply with your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities to Prosper.
Take it from me, only the people who decide to take action

Reach new Levels in LIFE!!

Free Audio BONUS Listen!!
34 More Audio's Included with your Private Hustler Access
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The One Thing Which You Can Never Get Back Is Time
And That Is what The legal Hustlers Club Saves You and Gives You


You can't go wrong with a $19.95 initial Investment.

However, if you do decide to Join, and take advantage of all the Secrets provided every month, I can promise you this. In a years time or less, you will be on another level and your legal hustling game will be crazy... PERIOD!!

Go ahead and take that next step NOW and receive Immediate Access to the Club!


YES! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which Allen Brown has used to create Cash Money in Business.

  • I understand I will receive the 35 MP3 Legal hustling Series that will show me the basic to the advance technique in building wealth with little or No Money.
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Solution Graphics

Best Regards,

Allen Brown

Business Consultant and Your Success Mentor

P. S. - You can't go wrong with a low investment that will bring you back hundreds times your investment. A lifetime value worth the Investment.

God Bless, Much Success!!

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